Realistic ways to improve the Canucks

March 6, 2014

I started this piece before the trade deadline, but many of these ideas still apply, and I have edited the post to reflect new roster changes accordingly. Sports media is probably one of the best modern examples of propaganda and its effects on readers. People echo what they read or hear like no tomorrow. The […]

Improving Defensive Statistics and Quantizing Power Forwards

February 22, 2014

Defense in hockey is literally under-“rated”. A player’s defensive ability can be defined as his ability to perform acts that prevents goals against. Being between passing lanes and forcing a dump in is often can be qualified as a defensive act just as intercepting a pass can be. Technically, even being in possession of the […]

LAEGAP Methodology

August 28, 2013

This piece is dedicated to detailing my specific methodology for the calculation of LAEGAP. If you hate math or would just like a basic explanation, head over to my original post, which also includes some of my insight of the resulting data. All data is from the 2012-13 season. Fixing Recorder Bias NHL has had […]

Introducing a new stat: Location Adjusted Expected Goals Percentage

If you have been looking into statistics not recorded by the NHL officially, you probably know what Corsi is. From Hockey Prospectus, “Corsi is essentially a plus-minus statistic that measures shot attempts. A player receives a plus for any shot attempt (on net, missed, or blocked) that his team directs at the opponent’s net, and a minus for any […]

Home Ice Advantage Continued: Effect of Biased Refs and Travel Miles

July 19, 2013

In my previous article, I discussed a number of different factors that could possibly give the home team an advantage and investigated the existence of overall home ice advantage and the edge that the home team has in the faceoff circle. In this article, I will examine the remaining two factors, referee prejudice and impact […]

Home Ice Advantage

July 10, 2013

Near the end of every season, players of teams that have already clinched a playoff spot will often stress the importance of winning their remaining games to gain the home ice advantage, but how important is home ice advantage, really? Does it even exist? If so, how advantageous is it to be playing at home […]